Our Services

Sorting /3rd party inspection

3rd party Inspection resources that we can help you deal with quality issues quickly. Parts can be inspected per agree specification at your location, or diverted from your facility to external warehouse for inspection before they are delivered customer to enhance the level of satisfaction are met.

Rework / Reassembly

Not all non-conforming or rejected part needs to be thrown in the recycling bin, Sometimes a non-conforming part i.e. Burrs, partially filled holes, improper installations can be used if it is modified or reworked. QIIS will work with you to rework the identified part to your documented specifications. This can help save time and money.

Industrial Service

We provide all equipment, manpower and sourcing supply for all industrial services such as Inspection JIG, Cleaning (Removing paint from manufacturing JIG), Quality tools, Consumer products (Glove, Rust remover, Rust protection, Strain remover, Mold protection spray, Mold cleaning spray) and General equipment (Support one time buying reduce workload of your buyer to find and register supplier into panel)

Our work